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Group finances made easy.

Relax. Forget saving receipts and shared spreadsheets.

Community brings all things food and finance together in one place.

We're your one-stop shop for managing ingredients, splitting meal costs, and paying back friends.

Keep track of what ingredients you already have in stock so you don't buy duplicate ingredients with your friends. More than one bag of celery? No problem.

We understand the hassle of splitting costs and adjusting payments, so we make it dead simple by integrating meal costs with venmo. No need to break up the calculator, we do all the work for you behind the scenes.

We make meal management simple. Multiple diners, irregular meal attendance, changing chefs every night? We manage all that information and keep it neatly organized for you and your friends.

How it works

Tally up the ingredients you use in each meal, and mark an ingredient as finished when you use the last of it in a meal.

We go back through the meals and calculate how many times that ingredient was used and how many people ate at that meal.

The amounts owed and expected each diner in your group instantly shows on the main page. Choose to settle debts via cash or with venmo.

Getting started is easy! join or create your group of friends by signing up for an account. Signup with venmo now or enable it later!